*clears throat*
*taps mike*

LOST CAUSES is done! It will be released September 22—this is the official, no more changes cause I’ve already given the info to key people deadline.

Blurbs, snippets, and other fun stuff on the way! (And if you’re a blogger or other reviewer, I’ll be posting ARC request forms next week, so keep an eye out for that.)

Weekly Update: July 24

When I made plans to post weekly updates, I forgot one small detail: sometimes, when a book is close to being finalized, I don’t actually *do* anything interesting that week.

I haven’t read any new books, or watched TV. I’ve barely left my house. The end isn’t just in sight. It’s sitting on my shoulder, saying “Are we there yet?” over and over again.

I’m oddly nervous about making an announcement, because each time I’ve made plans for the LOST CAUSES release, I’ve had some kind of health setback that delayed the completion of the book.

But watch this space, because by next week, completing the book should no longer be an issue.

Hemophiliac Cats and Superheroes

It’s been one of those weeks. The kind where you panic because a promised post is due the next day…and then you remember it’s only Wednesday. I think I’ve finally figured out what day it is, at least.

On Monday, my hemophiliac cat Loki needed to have nine teeth extracted in a pet hospital with a sterling reputation and very  little respect for the other ways I’d hoped to spend that money. I lost a lot of time driving there and back for two days, but it was all worth it, because he’s worth it.

As you can see, his recovery has been terrible.

Sleeping Post-Surgery Loki
I’m not stoned on painkillers. No, really. Don’t look at my pupils.

Other stuff!

LOST CAUSES UPDATE: Still in edits, but in *advanced edits*. And that’s all I’m going to say for now.

READING: 2015 has been the year I discovered comic books, and while there are SO MANY I can talk about at length, this week was all about Ms Marvel Vol 3. It landed in my pre-order cart the minute it was available. I get quite gushy about this series, really. It’s a YA comic book that feels YA–the heroine isn’t some some hyper-sexualized nymphette, the themes are topical, and there’s a wonderful energy in each frame. Ms Marvel herself is Muslim, a daughter of Pakistani immigrants, a typical teenager (as typical as any of us were), AND a superhero. In other words, it’s awesome and I have too much love for this comic. It makes me wish I’d discovered comics sooner, except ones like this didn’t even exist two years ago. If you want to check it out, Vol 1 is the place to start. And yep, I’ve already pre-ordered Vol 4.

WATCHING: Summer Netflix, which means I get to revisit all those shows I didn’t care about during the regular TV season. I’m giving Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. another try. I never got into the first season, but after seeing the additions they made in season two (notably, the addition of actual charisma), I’m interested again. New characters, new arcs, and a cast that’s gelled more than I would have expected from the first couple of episodes. I thought it might be something I’d click on when I needed to vegetate on my sofa after a long day of edits, but I’m actually enjoying it. That’s probably a good thing, even if it means I need to find a viewing slot during the regular season.

WEEKLY GIGGLE: Dear People Who Live in Fancy Tiny Houses…

Now, I must to bed, for tomorrow I must continue to slay the vicious monsters that dwell in Revisionland.

A Fresh Start

Today, I made all my old blog entries private. There are a few reasons for this, but the main one is I was just ready for a fresh start. New website design, new Elements book releasing in fall, new series on the horizon (the horizon of late 2016, but work with me here). It was time to do some spring cleaning.

After almost a year off, I want to restart the blog. This is partly because I have enough energy to manage it again (WOO IRON INFUSIONS) and partly because sometimes I just want to yammer about what I’m up to.

And that’s all it will be. Quick weekly updates about what I’m reading, writing, watching, and doing, because I never tire of talking about the latest great book I found or how much I love THE 100.

Hope to see you in a week!