How I Ended Up Writing Romance

How It Started First, there was tequila. Sure, there were other factors, but that's how it began. There were margaritas, and I was tired. I was tired after writing and publishing four novels. I was tired from building (and losing) partnerships and also from doing...

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The covers of Sins of Her Past and Anything You Can Do

A Fresh Start

You know that email that's sitting in your inbox, the one you meant to reply to when you first read it, but then time passed and kept passing, and each day it felt like it would take longer to respond, because you had to explain why you hadn't replied, and that...

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A sheet of paper in a typewriter with the words "A new START..." typed on it

Loki says hi.

Apparently the new blog I set up requires at least two posts. When in doubt, post a cat...

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Bengal cat Loki peers directly into the camera, and possibly into your soul.

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