Sins of Her Past

She dreams of a different future.
Bree Rogers is a badass. Everyone knows this. She’s smart, successful, and by all accounts capable of taking over the world with a few keystrokes on her trusty laptop. No one sees the cracks just below her surface, and she’s determined to keep it that way. Then the only man she ever loved returns, and he threatens to blow her carefully constructed world to pieces.

He can’t forget the past.
Marcus Keller is the king of Silicon Valley. Now he’s returned to Lost Coast Harbor, ready to prove his success to his hometown. But when he should be focusing on the biggest achievement in his career, he’s distracted by an attack on his company and by an ex-wife he craves as much as he ever did. Marcus knows exactly how perilous Bree Rogers is to his heart, but as an old passion ignites, he dares to hope she won’t walk away a second time.

Can Bree and Marcus find a way to put the past behind them…or will her secrets break his heart all over again?

Series: Lost Coast Harbor
Series Number: 5 of 5

Pages: 286
Published: August 30, 2016
ISBN: 9781944506087 (ebook), 9781944506094 (print)